Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"sometimes you work so hard and yet don't know what is it for at all in the end."

had a meeting with my sergeant major today with the rest of the platoon sergeants and section commanders, let in by him that the battlion is pointing finger at the specialist corp for not doing our job to improve the standard of our mans' ippt and soc results.

ironically, with 3 times a week's of soc training of which 2 are tests. where by we are trying to let anyone with effort to pass hopefully by increasing their chances with luck. training for ippt on weekdays night and saturday morning, with every forthnight having tests. I can't believe that we are being finger for not doing our job... till even our sergeant major is starting to have doubts in us.

so now the battalion have push us to the limit of cutting our freedom to book out just to train the man harder, which is just 2 measly weekend till sunday morning. but the great conspiracy is that they are doing all this for the sake of the best infantry unit competition, which benefit the top ranking personal but affect us the least. and yet we are the one slogging for it, all for a person selfishness... his fucking job prospect and those around him carrying his balls.

and yet they dare say that it's a requirement for all the man to make it, 100% pass in ippt and soc. where they have all the god damn fucking time to implment such rules until now. which the result for the best infantry unit is due end of this month.

which father mother son are they trying to bluff through nnbccb? they fucking think that we are a bunch of idertic morons.

they think that we are gods that can create miracles, by letting those who try their ass off and can't pass to pass. come on lah those that can pass have already pass, who wouldn't want to pass and go enjoy their book out days with their friends and family. here they are trying their best and there those damn battalion fuckers are torturing them, burning them in hell by letting them off on sunday morning.

I can't say that there are some slackers who god damn it, keep getting medical status to avoid taking the test. but just because of these condemn souls, you torture the rest!? "fuck you battalion bastards understand!"

hmm feels so much better letting all this steam out, by the way I really wanna know who have been reading my blog. so guys if you have been the silent reader of my blog all this while, please make some noise at the comment box on this entry to make known your presence =)