Monday, March 21, 2005

been busy in camp lately... so busy that I have to no time breathe less to blog haiz. yesterday I was doing a map marking till 4 am in the morning just to knn be inform that there are major changes. fuck sia.

havent been sleeping for the last week as 4 days are spent with less then 4 hours of sleep due to company proficiency exercise. having only to rest proper on saturday.

this sort of lifestyle is seriously fuck up, where is there a job where by they wants you to do stuffs that requires at least days to complete but inform you hours before the deadline!? and everything have to be done in a way so orderly that yah they might as well get robots to do it.

all these thanks to our inflexible regimental sergeant major and our stupid ops officer that seriously lacks flexibility, and time management. thus causing us the ground commanders to suffer. all this have make us tired, exhuasted, forcing ourself to push on and fucking low morale. how do you expect us to be as good as the other infantry regiment where people are known to work efficiently and willingly cos there's good leadership and management. so whatever amount of work will see people doing it willingly, that's what all of us here wants not threats and poor time management by higher authority making us ground commanders suffer.

the fucking hours of rest that we have and the amount of work that is been given to us are madness. I dare swear that even with the most stressing job outside, it is nothing compare to army. no wonder singaporean guys who went through army can do amazing things with alarming efficiency.

sorry guys, I know that recently blog have been on job, and really depressing. but I need a output cos I am sensing that I am having depression soon if there isn't any output. and yah my sergeant major are not of much help but in fact doing us in, asshole.

he is picking fault at commanders that despite we have done our duty to keep telling the man and they just simply ignore. he says that there isn't bad man, only bad commanders. but come on lah ccb, we are human and this company have got a serious manpower shortage. though it is our duty to ensure, but we cannot be 24-7 be around the man. so if we were to ensure that the man gets the inform, the it is the responsibility of every single man to enusure that they do the job. so if they don't do it, fuck them not us the commander.

chill going to sleep now.