Monday, February 14, 2005

back to camp hmm... everything seems pretty much the same. tomorrow going to range for my man as I have pass mine last month. lots of things happen during chinese new year erm... to my computer actually lolx.

just bought a new monitor yesterday and reformat my drive with tony's help just to have my internet still down. in a verge of anger, I ask tony to reformat the whole system. lost the photos to my kbox session with grass 4, and some of my favourite techno songs which are hard to find.

gonna go back this weekend to search thru all my backup to see if my own portfoilio shots have been backed up. anyway my internet problem might be solve in the coming week or 2 as the shop that I bought my monitor actually do software and hardware servcing. and their rate are reasonable.

and yes last friday I have finally visit my artist derek, he manage to introduce and guide me to the new age of bio mech. incorporating my idea from my sketch, we manage to get something out that is in trend and to my concept. having paid the downpayment, this time there's no turning back, after waiting and considering for 5 years. yes I am getting ink again!