Monday, January 12, 2004

got my levi's jean today at peninsula, ended up not getting the 501 reborn nor the type 1. but the 512 relax fit, nonetheless I got the 1 year wore effect one. saw the british cap that jordan chan wore for young and dangerous 2, and bought it straight away as I have always been looking for that cap. also bought another FILS one as it was a cheap buy at $10 bucks.

went over to sim lim square to buy some cdr as i need to get some digital prints to the photo shop tomorrow. went to visit my grandma after that, was really glad that she is all well and healthy.

had dinner at sunshine plaza, my favourite food during my school days in nafa chicken chop rice. stopped by after dinner at singapore indoor stadium to visit my ex colleuges. nothing change much there, the people, environment.

came home to rest after that as I was having a bad cough, did some push up and sit up. some exercise would do me good, and I am downing water every hour and hopefully i would recover by tomorrow.

"throat hurting badly sianz..."