Monday, January 12, 2004

Finally got the time to blog again after my enlisment, time flies so fast in the army that until now i still don't know what hit me.

got some time to myself as i have pass my ippt test and disrupt from my ptp phase to re enlist with the enchance batch. nearly did not make it for my 2.4km run, and collapse due to fatigue after i sprint the last 100m telling myself that i want my freedom haha.

army life till now have been a fun and exciting one, been in one of the "siong" company. i can feel the toughness of military training, and also having a bunch of understanding and united platoonmates is also a fortunate thing.

spend time with my gf and my buddies going around town buying chinese new year clothes. finally got a image change this new year as i got myself a beetle bug style shoes, a poa strip long sleeve shirt and later i am going to peninsula to get my levi's jeans as most of the boutique in town run out of my size. @#$%*

still thinking of getting either the 501 reborn or the type 1, stiches in type 1 don't seem to be good as i have try fitting on one seeing that the thread stretch just with a small tug. well i will just go and have a look later.

"no more shopping during festive season, it's a waste of time."