Wednesday, November 26, 2003

the new hard disk is driving me crazy, here i am using the old hd fearing that it would crash on me anytime because i cannot get my fucking internet connection done on the new hard disk. it bloody slow, server error and stop loading stuffs suddenly.

call up the isp and they couldn't do much to help. fucking irritating, it's been almost 2 weeks since i cannot connect on to the net. guess i have to get patrick to install my new hard disk with win 98 instead of win 2k "fucking cannot make it."

was nearly late today for a duty at cairnhill over at newton as i overslept, arrive just in time before the first customer came over to collect tickets. gonna work later at 5.45pm before i go over to a friend birthday party at east coast. praying very hard that tomorrow morning duty would be cancel as i don't know what time i am going to go home from the party.

"fucking sian."