Thursday, November 20, 2003

Guess today is one of the day that i will remember till the day i leave this world. ever since i know basketball, i have been always look upon michael jordan as my idol. and guess what? he call my office today to book for tickets. and my colleuge was so shock when he say "you don't want me to land in bad seats because i will be partying with the wrestlers before the match and i have been invited to the nike tour and yes i used to play basketball." boy was he friendly. but i guess some people just get so nervous when they got to talk with a superstar, so it end up with me helping michael jordan complete his booking because my friend was so nervous that she cannot talk lolx. but our guess is that since he have connection with the wrestlers, he would have special vip seats thus these tickets could have been for his friends.

"guess today 12 hours work have finally paid off."