Friday, October 24, 2003

went to watch beautiful thing yesterday, after much planning and shelving as some of my colleuges can't make it for dates that were planned earlier. the play was about 2 teenage neighbourhood boys who become gay. the content is humourous as i was laughing the hell out throughout the play.

the language were chinese and hokkien not to say singlish as well, which make me feel very at home. "yea haha" my most memorable lines in the play were; "i thought you all were only sharing bed but then you 2 were playing with each other ku ku bird." and "of all pubs in singapore, you must go to the one with many colours mari kita outside one." "wahahahahahahaha"

overall i think the play gives people more of an go in and have a laugh and forget it impression, which i think if someone were to want and understand issues like homosexual can go for as singaporeans most of the time cant handle an heavy issue like these sort.

went to fetch my gf over to my hse to stay after the play as we planned to go to kusu island with my mum today. the crowd was horrible as we don't know today was the last day for praying. i was smoked by the joss stick till my eyes can't open, what a trip. it was really a memorable outing trip with my sweetie.

on the way back sweetie ask me if we were be coming together next year, which i promise her that we will. after the kusu island trip, we had high tea with my mum at peninsular hotel. it's one of the few time that i had the stamina to eat like a buffet should be eaten like lolx.