Sunday, October 26, 2003

finally got to watch "15" the movie, the local movie that is about a bunch of misguide teenage. overall its a heavy issue movie that forces people to look at the problems that teenages these days is facing in singapore right in the face. the sucide scenes, self torture, drug trafficking scences were really too heavy even to me.

sometimes i feel that the censor board is doing its job well as it set just the right amount of stuffs to make you stir "maybe its just enough for me i don't know lolx..."but on the other hand i just feel that its because singaporeans aren't seeing enough things. "i really wonder..."

patrick finds it boring which i think it's because he views it in a way normal singaporeans look at things, the self denial inclination.

for eugene he is more accepting as coming from a environment like him, it's really an eye opener for him.

as for me it just make me understand more of an alternative lifestyle that i have ever think of entering but did not due to lack of courage to bear its heavy consequences. to me its like a documentary now, sets me to think in even more perspectives. which really help my design sense since i like violent and wild concepts lolx.

went to finish off the roll of film which i took to kusu island trip, photos were taken with patrick and eugene as i have hardly taken any photos with them. which one is my buddy and the other my best friend.

sometimes i think that i took too many photos that i actually neglect taking photos of people around me. therefore now i am trying to take more photos, to take a look of the people around me before i go into the army.

"sometimes it's just nice to be a normal person."