Wednesday, October 08, 2003

have been busy with work these few days, finally having an off day on a weekday. thought of going to pay for my bike insurance and road tax and of all time it has to rain so big lolx. maybe later i will take a bus to go pay up "these things cant wait you know"

this month pay is burned... bike insurance, road tax and season parking are all due. "i am starting to complain like an auntie wahahahaha...." to think on the bright side i can finally get my new helmet, lava lamp and my ps 2 by next month onwards pay.

oh yah just rang up cmpb yesterday and was told that enlistment letter will only be coming 6 to 9 months after body checkup. therefore mine is not confirm as i have just only wait for 4 months. "like bin says bah is all i can say.." how lame can it get so by the time i get my enlistment letter i would been enlist next year feb or mar. "siansation."

this sat i am thinking of bringing my sweetie pie out for a feast or buy her something. just wondering what would she like or want to eat?? "hmm"

"i just move someone cheese today, whose shall i move tomorrow?"