Tuesday, September 23, 2003

after 3 months of hard work, today i have my licence to class 2a!!! my dream of riding the nsr 250 pgm 4 have finally arrive.

reach the bike centre around 7am nervous and stress is all i feel at that time lolx... the wait was long and stressful as my turn to go was around 9.30am when the test starts at 8 finally my turn to go onto the bike which to my surprize my sense of nervous just vanish. did quite well generally and pass the test with 10 demerit points only "yea"

when the result was given out i had butterflies in my stomach and was praying hard that my number would not be called finally the instructor says "congrats all of you here pass." the whole room roared with cheers. but they made us sit through a video which is those accident scenes "yah we would not race even without watch this video" practically call all my loved ones and friends and buddies to inform them of the good news...some of them are still sleeping then "alrite i am too happy forgive me k =P"

i was so happy that i went home and log straight into the forum and post a note to look for pgm 4 haha.

went dinner with bin and just got home...boring tomorrow working 10am in the morning.