Tuesday, September 02, 2003

My sweetie pie is busy working out these days! "jia you darlin!!!!" but then again don't over work yourself k. talkin about your toilet infest with spiders......lolx. "it really sound like those horror movie you know =P" just don't get to freak out by them hehe.

saw a black mathmos lava lamp its beautiful "wonder if they have the casing in white hmm..." and a mini bar counter at igs heaven, think would be getting either one of them next month since i can't save enough for my tattoo or my helmet as yet haha. hmm seems like i have more and more things to buy =D~~~ .

going to have bikes lesson again since its been almost 3 weeks since i have not gone for practice. before i lost touch with the 4 stroker i better go self practice fast and hopefully pass my tp on the 23th.

"miss u lots sweetie pie."