Thursday, July 24, 2003

finally have the chance to lift super 4 liao wahahahaha, went self practice todae and drop bike (best liao loh =|). heng manage to lift the bike but it took about 75% of my strength to get it up till my face went red with veins lah... -.-" it wasnt as bad as i have in mind. and yes nowadays i can push my sp around without duck peddle sittin on it lolx. instructor were nice and friendly to tell me the test route blind spot and check back areas.

after 3 yrs i am finally goin to have my next tattoo done er....well not exactly new but to extend my current one, but realli havent decide to do at that shop or not. hmm maybe will have to get mei bin to go down and have a look at the shop portfolio.

"a step closer to my dream bike pgm 4..."