Wednesday, August 06, 2008

work, work and work. hello dear blog, trance out for almost 3 months. photo shoot have been ongoing... have tied up with an event and wedding planner company, so assignments have been coming in steadily. work will be updated soon on as the magazine have to get the photos out before I can expose the photos on my website.

have decided to step out. plan are to strike out around march next year, have been busy the past few weeks pinpointing direction of business, planning for rebuilding of portfolio and checking out on registering my company.

being a corporate photographer can really dry your creativity out... especially when your work are all classified lolx.

time for leisure and photo time

always been fascinated by gothic fashion, finally got my chance to wear one and go for a photo shoot with my cosplay community friends. my virgin attempt on doing my own makeup, I suck big time haha... but the ladies saved the day =)

japanese school boy and gal photo shoot! the dark version just like the comic way, did ocging aka original cosplay this time at singapore polytechnic. wonder why did I not know cosplay when I was way younger.

got a new workstation, the old workstation is just not time efficient enough to handle the workload nowadays. don't be trick by its cosmetic look, its spec is really meant for professional work.

my new phone the n81, not that the n73 is giving any problem. just that I have been wanting to get a slide phone for some time.