Monday, July 23, 2007

It's been 3 days since I have come to jakarta for holidays, have been housing at my god brother's house, taken lots of photos and will upload once I am back to singapore. Had a big time culture shock though. the way of life, the culture of the society and the food.

it's just sad to see how big the differences in poverty is, and how people goes around earning money. At first I couldn't quite agree with some of the practice here, but as my god brother explain. it's the infraturcture of the garhment that leads to the way the citzens are.

in jarkarta it's a culture that you tip everywhere you go, from eating to parking. which as a singaporean we wouldn't be used to. driving everywhere is also part of the culture here as sensitive issue between the locals and the chinese which I don't need to elaborate still exist, so no matter how far or short the distance is, we drive.

food, food and more food, the least shocking of all in fact I would say its innovative! one japanese restuarant that I visited had all the creativity from their menu to their food that they will put our local japanese restaurant to shame. the good news is they are opening their branch in singapore. local dishes are fantastic, food style are pretty much like singapore except that meat are usualy stir fry or grill even if it's for porridge or soup.

just the way I like it, and here is go anywhere eat anywhere. the roadside is not half as bad as I thought they are.

but I would have to say that the food here has more favour and are more salty just like thailand that I have visited. so singaporean do actually have a more blant and healther taste bud.

so its shopping, sight seeing, clubbing, traditional massage, go-kart and chilling at beer joint. the gigantic monument statues that are everywhere and the beer joint are some of the things worth mentioning. ever seen singapore with a pool joint that can let you drink and play pool at the same time? and the best part is there are staff to set the pool balls for you everytime you finish a game! talk about customer service =)

I really had a good rest here, time to go back and strive when I am back in singapore tomorrow.