Friday, June 29, 2007

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update update yes, have been very very busy for this month till now. work have been busier than ever as there are more on site photo taking due to more commercial clients. boss have been tasking me with alot of design work but I am not complaining =) even though I am really shack out at times working till 12am in the office.

now I really feel like those executives working till wee hours at shenton way. have always wonder what is the life of a corporate worker and can one have so much work to do when I see those commercial buildings having lights on at random.

it's a month full of surprize as I recevie bonus and my boss inform me that I have been confirm last month when my probation end this month. so all hard work did pay off, something to conclude. how good you are is all about your mental and attitude.

so with all my hard work and gss going on, I decide to reward myself hehe. been looking at russian winding watch lately, and so have bought the above with my bonus and gst offset package =p

now I am a pleased owner of a hand wind russian aviator watch, winding the watch every morning is such a wonderful thing and the best part is there's a see thru back where you can see every details of the watch. appreciating finer things in life is really what life is all about.