Thursday, September 07, 2006


don't get the meaning wrong. since the last entry, I have been busy with many activities;

- my portfolio have been revamped totally, spend most of my mia days doing it.

- went around looking for shop front for opening of printing house. writing business plan and marketing direction... my english suxs.

- joined the uob painting of the year competition, this year is the 2nd time they have a photography category. and I have got a compilation book for the singapore youth photographer competition. 330/8400 submission was featured so that sum it all keke... yea I wasn't in there =P

- photo assignment for baby 1st month, a dinner and dance, and a wedding assignment in 2 weeks time. the lull period of the double lunar 7th month is finally over~ plus my temp job... so much for work.

really tired but happy =)