Thursday, July 27, 2006

of healthy food

gotten a part time job to supplement the current biz at alexandra hospital. since working part time with bin at camper, I have taken a turn for a healthy choice of food. with the hospital envivornment, it's really getting to me even more.

currently for breakfast, it's either cereals with cranberry or bread with cheese and butter. lunch consist of the usual suspects yong tau foo, fish soup with rice, kwek chap or spagetti. and lastly dinner are home cooked food.

lots of water, no soft drinks and sweets. in between work would be either steamed yam cake, banana cake or qing ting.

and come to think of it, it's at least 3 months since I last eaten any fried food... yah less at times curry puffs and sotong stik from old chang kee lah lolx.

well I guess this eating habit is really benefitting, as my face get less oily. bowels movement improve greatly and the last thing is I have not been drinking my monthly herbal tea for the past 2 months =)

but all these healthy food tends to come with only 1 side effects that I enjoy in a way. which is they are digest too fast and I always get hungry and eating haha.