Friday, June 23, 2006

doing me in

well I have just got fucking pissed off by a relative of mine, because this is not the first time she is doing me in. she just can't see others suceed in the life and the worse part is, she is the good person on the surface that encourage people on.

when I design my first batch of t-shirt series, all I wanted her was to let me have a space in her shop for 10 t-shirts of rack space. at first she was like "oh you can design and produce then say loh." when my t-shirts arrived she just say that she has no space in her over 1000 sq ft of men's boutique and her suppliers will make noise.

the point here is she is lying and I know she is because of the way you see her evil smirk and lousy excuses. was helping a nephew so hard?

but all the while I thought of it as a purely 1 off incident, that's when I visited her shop 1 day and she wasn't around. the staff that have work there for 12 years said the same things about what I suspect her to be. and she told me the ultimate reason why my aunt don't want to help me was because she don't want to help me make it. saying that don't have to be so helpful.

a 3rd person who doesn't have anything against you is telling you all this. hard not to believe right?

want more? today is the best. 2 months ago she called me up to engage me for a wedding shoot for her daughter my cousin. after that call, saying that the couple is on low budget and such. and I agree cause it's my cousin afterall. but they just gone missing till last week when I have to call them up. and the wedding is on next month 15th

and all the bride says was she don't know anything and wants me to arrange with her mother the aunt. hello this is your wedding god damn it and you tell me you don't anything about it.

so I call today to remind them of the meeting this sat for the details and my aunt told me that the father in law have found a photographer. and all she gave was "we keep quiet loh since the father in law found the photographer.."

your mother lah, I called them last week they already knows and both of them just have to let me know when I called. shouldn't you have the courtesy to let me know instead of me calling up?

you are asking for my help or am I asking for your help knn?

imagine the shock that I got from someone who does business for over 20 years. so much for your reputation in the business.

and my cousin have all along have a dimwit attitude since the first day I know her so I never blame her.