Thursday, May 11, 2006

taken a toll...

been real busy these days... yes and I didn't know that meeting clients can be so fun (I have been bless with nice clients who respect my profession and my basic existence)

which leads me to ponder whether has all my clients before I enter army turn better in their attitude/ evaporated off the surface of earth cause they finally meet someone who is more "power" than them or just that I am become wiser, my motto after them is

"no business is better than bad business." so there.

last sunday I was at mohd sultan doing a makeover shoot.

tuesday meet up with a client who has comission me to cover her son's baptistism ceremony this sunday at a mosque, yes you got that right.

meet up with a client at the hollandse club at camden park for a brouchure design work yesterday. you ask me? it's a once in a lifetime experience hee.

this is the first time that I really feel like a business man... closing deal in a club hehe kinda funny trust me, the suagu me was feeling awkward and out of place as I am the only chinese in the club and everybody is taking 1 more look at me, not with the snoobish look but a friendly and warm welcome for a foreigner in the club. thankfully the client is all that nice and friendly, a negro man who is 6'8 trust me I feel like a kid standing next to him lolx.

and with accompanying my dad for treatment, all the new blading session with grass 4 and my weekly swimming and suntan session. it's really taken a toll... but I am enjoying it. with all the unique clients that I have meet and I didn't know my friends' friends are really from all walks of life, meeting new clients is more fun than playing lottery cos who knows who I might meet.

"quan: I want to play ps2...
angel quan: but you still have photos to edit.
evil quan: never mind you still got so much time.
quan: awww~ just for an hour or 2.
angel quan: you never like last minute, that's not your style.
evil quan: lai lai play ps2...
quan: (after 30 mins of ps2...) gaussian blur, brightness and contrast blah blah..."

p.s my ps2 is really collecting dust now.