Thursday, May 25, 2006


always advice my friends whenever they come to me with situation that they cannot let go, be it a bgr, families or even someone they hold dear move on. that time will heal everything, but it's a double edge sword that when these sort of things happen.

time will make sure you pain big time.

but no matter how long it takes, as long as one continue to live on positively. one will eventually look back at the wound as part of a memory without the feeling of pain nor joy. that's the que that you have recover from that wound.

and the strange thing is, no matter how hard you tell yourself that you would not let go, 10 years or even longer, you will realize that you have already recover. and just continue to paste the bandage just for the sake of pasting.

like all the friends that comes to me, I have my own wound. remember I did blog an entry saying that I will only recover when I can finally throw away the photos that shares my memory with this person without feeling anything but just as memory. today I was clearing up my photos and stuff, I did just that to all of them and felt nothing.

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It's time to spread my wings and fly again in this aspect of my life.