Saturday, August 13, 2005

hmm everything with the blog is fine now... except the comments function isn't working... no matter how I edit which ended up being positioning my entries out of place when they are able or they just simply don't show up at all. despite attempts by even fizh one of my colleuges who just got back from marina south. will get kh to try later hehe.

just finish reading harry potter and the half blood prince, spoiler up next so those who wants to read the book exit this entry now lolx as I have to write them in order to express certain feelings I have now.

dumbledore killed by snape, and harry potter thirst for vengence and fury as he also found out that snape was the person who overheard the prophecy and told lord voldemort, resulting in the death of his parents. to me I can relate to harry potter... as though I was him. not for his talent and fame of course, but in his twist of fate. by which my dad is like dumbledore to me, caring, giving me knowledge and guidance, snape is now the cancer, and fate is lord voldemort and finally potter represent me. ironic isn't it lolx.

and also the despair in life that all people who cares for him have to leave him. and I am also feeling this, as my god brother have just left singapore for good and also my dad's worrying sickness. I couldn't think that I could take another person dear to me to leave me *so grass and all the people I care please take care of yourself.*

this is not an advertisment... but the latest potter's series is a good read, I can't stop everytime I pick up the book lolx. so much so that I would be buying 1 even though I have finish reading it.