Wednesday, January 21, 2004

just woke up after chionging with my platoonmates at club 3 yesterday, decided to go chiong yesterday as today the cover charge will be expensive enough to burn the pay of a recruit lolx.

alot of social smokers surface yesterday, and surprizing some jc guys are more funker and fun loving then the older guys like us. and our oldest guy in the platoon actually can't drink beer lolx, as he was puking like a merlion after his second mug. had a fun night as everyone drink to their heart's content as beer was cheap and there wasn't any cover charge.

towards the end only 3 of us from our section make it till the end of the closing time as most of the platoonmates got too high and had to be sent home first.

"yandao zhi dai kui zhi dai, wa eh zhi dai siong yandao"