Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Writing my blog 24 hours before my enlistment...... just in case i might be out too late and won't make it to blog in time. my sweetheart just write about her thoughts of me goin to NS, so sweet of her "sweetie i have no fear of goin NS so don't worry about me k" no matter where i am i know she will always be in my heart.

going to finish up some chores before meeting my mum in the afternoon. tidying up my room and washing up the rest of my clothes. it's been raining these few days that i don't have the time to wash my bike but it wasn't too dirty.

last minute shopping today as i haven't got my watch, spectacle support and also my handphone bill have to be clear. now there's some note going out to my friends, and to those who reads my blog and have been annoymous please drop me a note no matter i know you or not.

to sweetie: my dearest sweetheart, yes it seem that we have just fell in love yesterday. you have been the most caring, understanding, and kind to me, and u know i love u lots.

your workload is heavy so you have to manage your time properly and be street wise, don't let people take advantage of you. always just do your best cos whatever you have no control of you just don't. so why not just do the best at things you can control and hope for the best.

take care of yourself and don't worry about me "i'll be alrite"

to bin: don't get too stress about your job, sometimes when things happen too fast one really get lost in it. i understand your anxiety and at times fear, cos i have been through that stage when i first graduate. so just try your best and leave the rest to god. you have to give yourself time to see whether things work out or not, if it's not then strive on another things, resentment are part and parcel in life.

to gary: getting too work up over your dad is just not worth it, it's not the first time you know his character. so try to keep cool and protect your mum from getting further disappointment. by the way no matter what you do at work or school, just try your best.

"no matter what you do, just do your best. the things u stress are usually things beyond your control so why do u get worry about stuffs that will resolve as time and solution have been given to it."