Wednesday, September 10, 2003

just came back and out of shower after watching a stage play animal farm, it is a good play i must say. portraying and adapting current local and international context into the play giving it so much life to the characters in the play. contexts like our recent cpf cut, the 9-11 terrorists attack and also the iraq war but with a touch of humour and jokes.

it voices out our inner most feeling and views of most common people like us. the doubts and resenting of how helpless we are when it is us who voted for our government and how they can do something that is so distant from our voice. it stirs us to think whether should we try to improve our current situation or just let it continue to make a fun out of us. "wonder why do i have so much to write every time i watch a play lolx..."

"i guess the above are my definition to my quote of; "i guess this is life huh?"...."

overall plays are more or less kicks that inspire us to think of certain issues that you really got to know when to stop letting it affect you because it's too depressing. "really some can be really into it."

"just don't think too much boy....lolx."